I’m going to take a bit of a break from sharing on the Holy Spirit this week. The reason is mainly because of some time constraints that I have to today. So I thought I would share a little on the idea that Jesus is the subject of every book in the bible. Oral Roberts published a book with that as its title. I first heard it called The Red Thread. I thought I would share with you one of the lists I have found about how our Lord can be found in every book of the bible. These are not the only ways he can be found in each book; however, it is a list that could get you thinking as you read.

Genesis, – He is the promised seed of the woman
Exodus – He is the High Priest
Leviticus – He is our High Priest
Numbers – he is the star to rise out of Jacob
Deuteronomy – he is the two laws – love God and love your neighbor
Joshua – he is the captain of the lord of hosts
Judges – he is the covenant angel named wonderful
Ruth – he is the kinsman redeemer
Samuel – he is the greater than the Temple
Kings and Chronicles – he is the king’s son
Ezra and Nehemiah – he is the rebuilder
Ester – he is the savior of God’s people
Job – he is the daysman
Psalms – he is the song
Proverbs – he is the wisdom of God
Ecclesiastes – he is the one among a thousand
Song of Solomon – he is the bridegroom of the bride
Isaiah – he is Jacob’s branch
Jeremiah – he is our righteousness
Lamentations – he is the unbelievers’ judgment
Ezekiel he is the true shepherd
Daniel – he is the stone that became the head of the corner
Hosea – he is the latter rain
Joel – he is God’s dwelling in Zion
Amos – he is the raiser of David’s tabernacle
Obadiah – he is the deliverer on Mount Zion
Jonah – he is our salvation
Micah – he is the lord of kings
Nahum – he is the stronghold in the time of trouble
Habakkuk – he is our joy and confidence
Zephaniah – he is our mighty lord
Haggai – he is the desire of the nations
Zechariah – he is our servant – the branch
Malachi – he is the son of righteousness
Matthew – he is Jehovah’s Messiah
Mark – he is Jehovah’s servant
Luke – he is Jehovah’s man
John – he is Jehovah’s Son
Acts – he is the gift of the Holy Spirit
Romans – he is the believer’s justification
Corinthians – he is the believer’s sanctification
Galatians – he is the believer’s righteousness
Ephesians – he is the believer’s heavenly standing
Philippians – he is the believer’s supply
Colossians – he is the believer’s completeness
Thessalonians – he is the believer’s soon glorification
Timothy – he is the faithful men
Titus – he is the fellow laborer
Philemon – is is the love of a believer
Hebrews – he is the high priest for sin
James – he is the royal law
Peter – he is the pastor
John – he is as we are
Jude – he is the beloved
Revelation – he is the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

As I said you can find other lists that show the many different ways Jesus Christ can be found in every book of God’s Word. This list is just to get you started. Here is another that I think is very good.

Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

God bless you all. Next week I will return to my ongoing study regarding the gifts or manifestations of the Holy Spirit in our lives.